Have no fucking clue what to name this post….

I have this week and next week left of the summer holidays and i’m fucking bored and friendless.

I want to move somewhere where no one knows me and I can make friends with people that actually go out and talk to you in the holidays. That don’t shrug and look down when someone is taking the piss out of then. That doesn’t hide their homework from the teacher in the school canteen because they are embarrassed.

I like my friends i do and this is the first time I have had proper friends that don’t take the piss out of me (not all the time anyway) but I just wish they were more real (their not fake) but i wish that I could just talk to people that are not my mum who just speak their mind and don’t sugarcoat anything.

I am going back to school in Y9 and am going to not give a flying fuck.

OK I said that last year but did but this year I don’t have the energy to care anymore…..ok crap I’m starting to literally cry as I type this so need to breath a sec………

I need to work on this not crying thing cause I cry to often…..

It’s not like I don’t appreciate my life it’s just that I don’t wan’t my life exactly this way…

I wish I could afford new clothes right now

I need a pair of trainers

I don’t need a shitload of clothes just some new decent ones like a couple of pairs of jeans a pair of trainers and a few polo’s/t-shirts and a jacket and a belt (really need that) and then just other stuff which is kind of private and I think I won’t name that actually.

Ok I’m going to go and clean out my wardrobe now and get some stuff of my checklist which BTW I updated and now the songs on their are by Jake Bugg who is fucking awesome BTW!!!

….Oh and I need my eyebrows threaded…

….Oh and I have never told you my name have I? yeah I hate it……It’s Destiny…..I know KMN and I actually changed it to that….need to change it to something normal….


Bye x


The funeral…

I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks because Wednesday last week my Granddad died and today is his funeral but I didn’t go because when my mum asked me on Sunday weather I wanted to go I said I don’t mind because i’m a twat and actually wanted to go but due to the pressure my step-granddads funeral was on her she decided to tell everyone we were not going which I wouldn’t of minded except I kind of wanted to go.

It’s probably almost or actually over now  but I half regret not saying anything and the other half of me doesn’t because when people in my family die I feel like I should feel something but I don’t? I don’t get it because I’m pretty sure I’m not to young now even though I’m 13 and 2 people in my family have died this year and I was quite close with my granddad in a way.

Check me out rocking the all blue Teletubbies look like a PRO!

Check me out rocking the all blue Teletubbies look like a PRO!

So tomorrow is my mums b.day (yes the day after the funeral) and although she SAID she doesn’t want to do anything (yep suure although i don’t blame her if she really doesn’t) we are going to eat somewhere, fuck knows where exactly though. And she is going to ❤ the prezzie I got for her but i’m keeping the details of it under-wraps (no pun intended) just in case!

Also I have 2 weeks to somehow find £65 to fix my broken Ipod…..shiiiitttt…..still haven’t told mum about that one though sooo I just pray she doesn’t take the time to read this…

Till the next time…..

cio x

Tick, Tock!


I can now tick of eyeliner on my checklist!!!!!! I have finally found a eyeliner I like because it is really hard to find liquid eyeliners with thick brushes which is what I need!



the holidays are going so fast and now we only have like 4 weeks left!!!!!! And i’m so broke I may have to resort to messing up my hair by cutting it myself as my mother ,who is completely against anything I want or do for example she is against the music I listen to, the clothing I wear and the career’s I want (have not decided between body piercer or plastic surgeon), will probably cut my hair really short like last time and just to piss me of give me a block fringe or something which she would do believe me. And i’m going to home dye it also so I can spend my money on my piercings which are never going to get done due to my mother always borrowing my money and not giving it back for ages so I therefore feel I have to spend it instantly before she takes it again as she has a thing for giving it me back and then taking it back 5 mins later.


Also I watched Grown ups 2 last night and although I really liked it it wasn’t as good as Grown ups 1 so that was a bit disappointing. Last night I watched 2 movies and 2 episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians (I know, I know it’s a guilty pleasure cause it’s seriously bad but hilarious at the same time!) and Kim was moaning about having no privacy again despite the fact she stars on a reality show which has literally shown footage of her mother Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the family (kind of), on the frickin toilet…like TMI SERIOUSLY!!! But anyway the other movie I watched last night was Superbad which has Michael Cera in ❤

It’s good and quite funny but get boring in parts but still hilarious and I love how Cera played his character! And Jonah Hill was just to funny but irritating at times but that was his character as opposed to his acting.

I’m going to West midlands safari park on Sunday so I can’t wait!!1! And I reaallllyyyy want to go on the smiler roller coaster at Alton towers at some point!

Currently listening to a playlist consisting of:

The Beatles

Guns and roses

Good Charlotte

The black keys


The who


Kaiser chiefs

Iggy pop

The Ramones

Green day 



So a slightly odd combination but awesome it’s called “The happy mix” for some unknown reason….

Now for a short anecdote about an incident that occurred a couple of years ago at my house which affects me everyday and caused another incident today….

So it was a normal evening in the Summer household and Destiny’s (yes that irritatingly is my name and nobody will call me the nickname for it Tess) mother decided to use the downstairs bathroom because Destiny is a BO$$ and has a downstairs toilet. So her mother opened the door to reveal the biggest spider known to mankind but this wasn’t just your average huge spider, no. This motherfucker could scare MR T shitless so they (destiny’s mother as destiny was hiding) after a very long time (about 15 mins) built up the courage to kill it and it died a painful death at the hands of Lee Child’s The affair. And to this day Destiny is unable to enter the downstairs bathroom of dooooooom! And got asked to dust it’s skirting boards today however was unable to due to a now lifelong fear of THAT bathroom………..

Anyway I must fly, bye bye 😛

It’s kind of a funny story! (Warning it’s almost 5AM and I’m feeling like Jesus)

So It’s 4:40AM and I just finished watching the movie It’s kind of a funny story and it hit a cord I think is what they say. The thing is I have been depressed in the past and recently (I think #selfdiagnosis ) and it’s inspired me because although life can be a bitch it’s better to live now than to regret it later on in life when you have actual responsibilities and I might as well live for now and do the things I want to do and make the mistakes I need to make now when it has minor implications.

This may not make any sense as I live by the rule don’t make decisions after 2AM ( #GodBlessTheTvShowHowIMetYourMother ) cause normally they are not the best decisions…


Okkkk I feel stupid now writing like I’m in fricking The Vampire Diaries but hey when it’s 4AM and your feeling like Jesus…… #YOLO


Anyway I should seriously go to sleep so ….


Cio 😛

My granddad used to be cool!

OK people so MAJOR revelation today!

My granddad own’s Cd’s by Motorhead, Bon Jovi , Def Leppard and The Beatles or in other word’s he used to be cool before this classical shit polluted his mind……..

Also I am broke #nochangethere

but I’m working on it………….I just don’t know how yet as due to me being 1 year to young to get a part time job and my social awkwardness which means I could never work anywhere except for the basement IT department like in The IT crowd. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t like people!? They irritate me so much and the only sane people seem to be on the interwebs like Danisnotonfire for example, he understands me ,he knows what it’s like to be cursed with left hand-ism, he knows what it’s like to be so socially awkward………

Aaaaaannndddd moving on from the hakuna matata sad moment (like in the song where it goes “hey pumba not in front of the kids”)


I am bored ALREADY I don’t see why we can’t just spread the summer hols out like have 2 weeks of school then a week of or just have less days each week and less holidays cause everyone is always bored by the end of the first week although I do cherish my 6 weeks of heaven before returning to hell.

If anyone can suggest ideas for something to do in the holidays then that would be great! But the rules are:

Nothing to do with socializing with other people

Nothing boring

Nothing physically challenging

Nothing I have to spend money on

Nothing involving suicide

Nothing with the 3 thing’s i’m scared of – Spiders, frogs (don’t ask) and fire.

Preferably a working method of bending a spoon with my mind like in The Matrix


So that is my list of requirments!

Here is a poll because I have nothing else to type as I have been bored this week to the point I have actually made an almost floor to ceiling length paperclip chain……..mum said I need a hobby……KMNS


Cio x



I’m becoming a vegetarian…..which is a lovely opening line for this blog post! I’ve been a veggie before but my mother almost forced meat down my throat so i’m becoming it again now that she is even considering it. It isn’t just a phase I truly believe in vegetarianism as I honestly struggle often to eat meat without thinking about the poor animal that died for it and so there for I am becoming a veggie again!

It’s been a week exactly since I posted the last post and around this time also! Funny how things work out hey?!

But this time I am fully aware of the time my granddad is due to arrive.

I have always loved Nirvana, even though I prefer Punk Rock,  but I have suddenly developed an unhealthy attachment to the song ‘Come as you are’ , I don’t know what is is about this song but all of Kurt Cobain’s ,.R.I.P., lyrics were genius.

I did end up going shopping last Saturday but my granddad just gave me the money but I only got accessory’s and clothes suitable for activity week at school 😦 But i did get some really nice accessory’s stuff! pics below cant remember prices but most from Claire’s and there was a really nice red and black tie with safety pin’s in but I don’t have anything to wear it with atm but thinking of going back to get it cause I really liked it!

I missed the last two day’s of school because of hay fever (yea right) but yesterday was the last day and a friend from school informed me on Facebook that in the end of year assembly *yawn* my name was drawn out of the raffle and I won money but cause I wasn’t there they gave it to someone else…………NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I NEVER win anything and when I do THIS happen’s……….KMN.

Oh and a lovely year 9 who was in my group for enterprise day ,whilst everyone else was on the Drayton manor trip which I chose not to go on as I would rather eat something I am highly allergic to rather than be stuck on a hot stuffy bus full of PEOPLE for hours as it would probably have a similar effect a.k.a someone (doesn’t have to be me) dying,asked me what I class myself as do I class myself as emo? The fuck does that mean? what do I “class” myself as? okkkk I replied I don’t. He said but what like sort of girl do you class yourself as?….OK getting weirder….so I said no idea and he said oh OK. And awkward conversations like this ,instigated by said Y9, continued throughout the day up to the point he asked me if i was his friend? ummm……I said “Yep if you want” so as not to be rude and attempt to detract from the awkwardness. Trust me it was awkwarder than it sounded……wayyyyy awkwarder…….

Anyway g2g pics belowww 😛



Ungodly hour’s!

Hello my non-existent reader’s,

Today I got up at a highly ungodly hour for the weekend A.K.A 50 minutes ago at 08:00AM. Now normally my granddad come’s every Saturday to visit and take us to McDonald’s which is why this post will be short but I may post more later on. This may seem late to you (and my Nan who enjoy’s getting up at literally the crack of dawn….OK maybe not literally) but I personally see it as unacceptable as I could have fitted in another hour had my body been less lazy enough to try to go back to sleep however I eventually tried and failed.

So either today or tomorrow I am going shopping (today…please today!) and that will kick of my checklist checking out! If that sentence made any sense what so ever lol. But as I am broke (no change there) I am planning on weaseling a little bit of money out of my Granddad who may or may not be taking me! I know this may sound evil and probably is but finger’s crossed a few thing’s on the checklist will be crossed out VERY soon! Have to go now as have only 2 minutes till arrival of granddad….

Cio :p

(Note to self: pluck up courage to pick up pet snake , rocky, after attempted bite attack!)

EDIT: Have now been informed Granddad’s pending arrival is due at 10:00AM NOT 09:00AM……GREAT 🙂